Neidan Meditation

Ancient wisdom andknowledge in modern day.

Who can practice?

Anyone can practice regardless of age or gender. Practice is beneficial for everyone who possess the perseverance to do it. 

The primary function of this meditation method is to improve physical health. Already in the early stages of the practice people can start to experience physical and mental changes. People can experience improved sleep, more mental clarity and healing of physical ailments. With time the benefits show up more clearly and patience is rewarded on a personal level as practitioners see and feel the results. 

For centuries these practices have been used for healing diseases. The healing power of this meditation practice is based on its ability to unblock energy meridians in the body. Acupuncturists treat acupuncture points to treat blockages in the meridians. This meditation practice unblocks the meridians, but also increases our energy levels and revitalises the body.

As the energetic system of the body is unblocked and heals, the mind will become more perceptive of subtle insight and creative ideas in every area of life. This opens possibilities for deeper levels of practice.

For Children

 Awakening the creative potential

Especially children can easily learn to access latent potential of their mind between 6 and 14 years of age. Once this potential has been awakened in a child, it will increase the development of the brain and can support physical health by increased healing.

Master Wang Jiuyu is specialized in training with children. His technique can awaken hidden potential of a child in just 10 hours of practice. Of course this is individual, and for some the potential will awaken more easily than for others, but nevertheless every child can benefit from the practice.

Awakened potential can also help a child to cope better with emotional challenges. When our emotions are in balance, we are likely to have more balanced relationships with other people as well as ourselves.

The way

Every journey starts from the first step

A good teacher is very important in practicing meditation. In China there is a saying that finding a good teacher is like finding a gem. A good teacher can guide you in the right direction, advice practices that are suitable for you and encourage you in a challenging time. 

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This video explains some phenomenon in meditation. There is also some explanation about the energy and what it means.